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  • USA Wildlife Removal Education Guide - Venomous snake vs poisonous snake

Venomous snake vs poisonous snake

The difference between venomous and poisonous snake is in the method of getting the venom into the body of opponent/victim. Venomous snakes are snakes that inject venom into the victim's body with their fangs and this venom is usually store within special glands located in the back part of snake's head. On the other side, poisonous snakes don't inject poison into the victim's body but instead deliver it through other methods, either spraying it toward the victim (such as so-called spitting snake) or by excreting it in other way. The Asian tiger snake is an example of snake that is both venomous and poisonous.

Venomous snakes are usual bread so to speak- majority of snakes inject poison into victim's body, biting with their fangs/teeth and injecting body directly through skin into the victim's body. Such injected venom is usually easy to treat-it is just important to arrive to hospital in time, to know which snake bit you and you will get the proper anti-venom.

It is more common that snakes are venomous-there is very few poisonous snakes and is actually more common that other animals and life forms are poisonous. For example, poisonous animal is poisonous frog and poisonous herb is poisonous ivy. Poisonous frog warns enemies about its poisonous quality with its bright colors so no one approaches it unless it is really necessary.

It is also interesting to mention that there is actually quite a difference in practice between most deadly and most dangerous snakes. Most deadly snakes are most venomous snakes-snakes whose poison kills in even the smallest amount. Such snake is Inland Taipan-but there is no record of that snake actually killing anyone because it is rather withdrawn and "peaceful" snake that avoids conflict. On the other hand, most dangerous snakes are those who are known for killing people despite the fact that their poison isn't as nearly venomous as Taipan's, for example. Such dangerous snake is a rattle snake that doesn't hesitate to attack when felt threatened and if you don't get medical help in time, its bite can be deadly.

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