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  • USA Wildlife Removal Education Guide - Common Snakes of Ohio

Common Snakes of Ohio

There are more than 25 snake species found in Ohio. Out of this number, 3 are venomous species and the rest of them are non venomous.

Venomous snakes of Ohio

Three venomous snake species native in Ohio are:

Eastern Massassauga Rattlesnake-this snake species is a rattlesnake, rather small (on average, 20-30 inches long). It resides in northern Ohio and in the west glaciated areas.

Timber Rattlesnake-this is another smaller rattlesnake, approximately 35-55 inches long.

Northern Copperhead- this is pit viper approximately 20-35 inches long.

Non venomous snakes of Ohio

As mentioned already, there is about 22 non venomous snakes that are common in Ohio and these are:

Common Watersnake- this non venomous snake is approximately 40-45 inches long. Its color varies and can be black, brown, gray, dark red and brown with the significantly lighter underbelly area.

Rat Snake-this non venomous snake eats rats, mice, lizards and venomous copperhead snakes. They are great in keeping the number of rodents and venomous snakes under control in suburban areas where they can reside near the sheds and garages.

Eastern Hognose- the name comes from the uniquely shaped nose. It is 20-30 inches long and loves to eat frogs. They live all over the Ohio, but are most often found in central, north-west and south areas of the state. most prolifically in the northwest, central and southern regions.

Northern Ring-Necked- this is brown, olive, gray or black snake with distinctive yellow ring on the neck and very light colored (cream/white-ish or yellow/orange). Smallest Ohio non venomous snake, grows to max 15 inches in length and resides usually around Lake Erie and south, central and east Ohio.

Plains Garter Snake, Eastern Garter Snake and Butler’s Garter Snake- this family of non venomous garter snakes live in wetlands on the north west of Ohio. They consume earthworms, frogs and salamanders.

Queensnake- this non venomous snakes reaches 25 inches and can be found all over Ohio, but urban and non-urban areas. It is dark, green-brown, black or dark brown.

Lake Erie Watersnake- living only around Lake Erie, this snake has thick greenish-brown body.

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