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  • USA Wildlife Removal Education Guide - How do snakes move?

How do snakes move?

Snakes are normally known for crawling on the ground because they don’t have legs. The movement patterns exhibited by these creatures are complicated to a large extent but it is a common fact that normally snakes use their muscles as well as scales for exhibiting different kinds of movements and moving ahead. The moving pattern of snake is something, on which decent level of research has been done and it was found that normally snakes exhibit four different kinds of movements and in this section we will focus upon them for providing a better and detailed idea to our readers.

Let’s discuss some of the important aspects related with each type of movement

Serpentine Method

This motion is something, which is associated with snakes very commonly more specifically because of its name. For moving ahead snakes will push off any obstacle that will come across their way like rocks, tress or any other kind of surfaces. This is a motion, which is more like a wave however, it should be mentioned here that with such movements snakes are not capable of moving upon friction less surfaces such as glass. Some experts also use the term lateral undulation for this particular movement.

Concertina method

It is a mode of movement that can be termed as difficult for snakes, but when they have to move ahead in tighter spaces it is extremely effective. The posterior part of snake’s body is braced at the same time anterior portion is pushed in the forward direction after this anterior portion of the body of snake is dropped and back portion is pulled.

Sidewinding method

This motion is complicated so describing it is also difficult but this form of movement is used by snakes very often for progressing ahead upon slipper or loose surfaces for example mud or sand. It appears as the snake is throwing its head in the anterior direction and remaining part of the body will follow it.

Rectilinear method

This is something, which is best described as straight, slow and creeping. Snake will actually use its wider scales upon belly for gripping ground and at the same time it is pushed in the forward direction.

These were the four main types of movements associated with snakes, but variations and varieties are present as well.

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