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  • USA Wildlife Removal Education Guide - Do Mothballs or Ammonia Help Repel Snakes?

Do Mothballs Help Repel Snakes?

The main reason as to why many people encounter snakes is simply because their homes or properties provide comfortable habitat. Just like any other animals, snakes also look for a better place to hide and hunt most notably houses or even people's properties if they find access to entering.

In most cases, snakes regularly choose to flight before fight. However, a provoked or startled snake will certainly defend itself as many other animals do. When you get bitten by a snake, the point is, you have messed with it. You can easily avoid being bitten by using common sense though not in many circumstances. That is if it's not accidently since they sometimes give you a warning before a strike.

Now back to the question of whether mothballs or ammonia can help repel snakes, the answer is no. Many individuals have tried using these chemicals and substances but at the end, the repellants fail to work. So this is why the highest qualified wildlife professional cannot ever attempt to repel Arizona snakes with ammonia or later on mothballs.

The fact is that there have been various cases where people end up poisoning themselves and what's more even poisoning their pets if the attempt to drive away from Tucson snakes in their houses either with ammonia liquid or gas. Furthermore, the ammonia gas or liquid might end up killing the snakes which are not the right thing to do humanly.

What you should know regarding ammonia or mothballs in repelling of snakes
First and foremost mothball is a little pellet of a bitter substance, generally naphthalene typically placed in the middle of stored garments so as to fend off clothes moths. Whereas ammonia is a powerful, robust and colorless gas that is extremely soluble in water. It's very dangerous because breathing or even swallowing of ammonia liquid can possible lead into poisoning.

As a result of the pungent smell together with the poisoning effect related with ammonia, nearly all people think that it will assist to chase away not only pests but also snakes and others. Nonetheless, it has been revealed that repelling Tucson snakes using ammonia and mothballs are merely a myth and not the truth totally.

Finally, now that you have discovered that using those repellants as stipulated in the above is nothing but a myth, well, it would be vital for you to try other methods they are safe than exposing yourself to danger and also your loved ones. Like for example use of Garcinia Kola, which is also referred to as bitter Kola.

Because snakes have a strong sense of smell, they can directly detect or discern the aroma from Garcinia Kola, which can cause them not to be comfortable where they are. With that, you will not be at risk or any danger at all.

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