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  • USA Wildlife Removal Education Guide - Where do snakes live?

Where do snakes live?

Snakes are able to inhabit virtually all parts if the earth with a special exception to New Zealand, Greenland, Ireland, Iceland and the Antarctica. They vary in color and size and most are found within regions with a tropical climate as well as in deserts. There are able to survive either in water or on land.

Most of the snakes inhabit the tropical areas and they can take up residence in the trees especially in the forest floor. They can also survive in the coniferous and deciduous forests. They love deserts and highlands, the parities and the plateaus. Many of the species thrive on land while others can survive on saltwater and freshwater habitats. Snakes can lie in dens and others can reside within trees and make homes in gardens and rocks.

As humans encroach on the natural habitat of the snakes, conflicts have been known to arise. Humans control the population of snakes in the urban and suburban areas by killing and relocation and this has led to a reduction of the population in the urban areas. Humans have also learnt how to snake proof their homes and this has further discouraged snakes from thriving in urban setting.

It is clear that most snakes live in the wild areas with a smaller population taking residence ion the urban and suburban areas especially in homes where there is a rodent problem or homes that have larger gardens. Unkempt properties may also have a snake issue.

While in the wild
In the wild, the snakes seek shelter in the outcroppings that are rocky. Like many other animal species, snakes requite very few things so as to be able to survive. All they need is water, food and some kind of shelter. They can survive in different kinds of habitats include dessert floors to forest canopies, the snakes have been able to adapt to different kinds of shelters that are available to them. They have also been able to evolve so as to utilize the shelters for different purposes and this includes hiding from potential predators. They also use the shelter so as to avoid temperatures that are extreme and also to hunt prey.

Snakes can shelter in an place that they feel is stable and hidden from plain view. The space needs to be able to provide adequate protection from predators and elements, they can use rodent burrows and dens or stay under the rocks. Bushes and logs also offer a great residence for the snakes. They can also live in toot systems or stumps, in joints, tree knots, beneath sand, gravel and even debris.

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