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  • USA Wildlife Removal Education Guide - Do snakes jump?

Do snakes jump?

Snakes are dangerous creatures that are known for creating fear in people. The behavior exhibited by snakes is different from other animals even within same species different kind of behavior is seen. Some are aggressive, some are poisonous, some are active, some swim even some fly, but the main question with which we will be dealing here is that do snakes jump? It is a question for which we all want answers but the topic is complex and it is difficult to find any appropriate opinion. Some are supporters of the view that snakes can jump whereas other totally ignore this. The data which has been collected is normally based on the personal experiences so you can’t say anything with surety.

The popular concept, which prevails among majority is that snakes can jump off ground is termed as faulty by many. Generally it has been observed that many larger snakes strike, but actually they don’t jump or attack the target by jumping too much away from the ground surface. Another concept, which is popularly followed, is related with the fact that conventional snakes can strike according to their complete length or even distances greater than that. Approximately ½ to ¾ of a snake’s length is termed as the maximum distance over which snakes can strike. This is further testified by the fact that majority of snake bites are struck below level of knees or feet of their victims. While striking the snake is known for assuming S shaped position and the anterior portion body in these conditions should be free from the coil. When it is about striking an object snakes attains proper position for ensuring that its target is not missed.

Another important aspect to consider here is that although there are some snakes that show that capability of jumping, but you can’t associate this quality with all snake species. All snakes have the capability of swimming, but not all species prefer to enter water. Those who are well adapted to water may or may not show the potential of jumping out of water and normally snakes need to crawl for making their way out of water and for this normally rock, branch or land is used. Therefore, as far as jumping and snake is concerned you simply can’t say anything because situation varies and you never know what kind of behavior will be reflected by snake so it is better to be careful.

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