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  • USA Wildlife Removal Education Guide - Do snakes dig holes?

Do snakes dig holes?

It is true that the snakes will hide most of the time in the holes; however they are not able to make their own holes. They normally use the holes that were used formally by the frogs, turtles and other rodents. The snake may also hide in the tree hollows and leaf litter, bark or rocks.

The terrestrial snakes may burrow within the leaf litter or in loose soil but few snakes may dig in the packed earth. The snakes that are found in the places where there are loose substrates, they are known to be the best excavators and they are the sand boas, black headed pythons and womas. The problem is that the loose sand may not retain the right structure of the right burrow so the snakes may end up burying themselves.

Snakes like to hide from the predators and this is why they use everything they can in order to accomplish it. Snakes like to be in the snug accommodation that will help them to be safe. The snakes feel comfortable if their backs are able to touch a ceiling of the retreat or the burrow. Some species may be having site fidelity while others may lack the true home range and they can use any type of the shelter they are able to find. It is easy to see that a hole had been used recently if it is clear of the debris, fallen leaves or spider webs.

The snake may enter into the holes to look for the prey or to look for the place to make a nest for their babies. Since the snakes may only take over the existing burrows, they may not be leaving the telltale signs and they will not excavate the dirt. You should know that the overgrown brush over a ground may be hiding additional holes and according to the time of the year, the squirrels may close off burrows holes using the soil. If you know that a snake is in the burrow, you should not try to remove it on your own. It is good to leave the snake alone or to wait until it decides to leave.

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