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  • USA Wildlife Removal Education Guide - Do snakes hibernate?

Do snakes hibernate?

The answer to this question depends on the snake habitat and on the species. Snake species in the tropical regions such as boas and pythons don't hibernate. On the other hand, moment of the hibernation depends on region climate, i.e. when the fall starts and when the nights get cold. In this line, snakes in Ohio will go in hibernation sooner than snakes in Arizona. Depending on this factor, snakes can go in hibernation in September or much later, in December. They will start waking up from hibernation and emerging out in March-April, or, when the temperatures during day reach (and stay at) 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit and higher (but not over 110F because this high temperature can kill a snake). The reason why snakes go into hibernation is the fact that they can't regulate their own body temperature, which means that they adjust to outside temperature. During winter they need to be still because if they would adapt to outside temperature, they would die. Of course, it is important to mention that hibernation rarely lasts entire winter because all of the animals that hibernate wake up occasionally to "go to toilet" or to eat something.

When the time for hibernation comes, snakes will go in hidden locations such as crevices or saves. Snakes often hibernate in groups.

Most important, it is good to know that snakes rarely attack people, especially if person doesn't provokes it. When you go outside for a hike or a walk, especially through mountain areas or anywhere else where there is natural habitat of venomous snakes, it is necessary to wear long sleeved clothes and appropriate shoes (closed up to ankle). Make sure not to stop on spots that aren't visible and don't touch anything with bare hands. If you plan to take the rest, make sure that there is nothing on the spot where you want to sit down. If you notice snakes on your path, don't try to catch it. Do just the opposite, remove slowly from the point where you saw it, without sudden movement. The same goes for taking photos of snakes. Sudden moves and flashes can scare snake and make it attack. Safe distance for taking photos is minimum 6 feet.

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