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  • USA Wildlife Removal Education Guide - Venomous Snakes of Georgia

Venomous Snakes of Georgia

There are lots of snakes that live within Georgia. Some are venomous while others are not. Most snakes do not want to hurt humans and so if you encounter one, it is important that you leave it alone and simply walk away.

Some of the snakes that you can find in this area include the southern copperhead, the water moccasin, Eastern diamond back rattlesnake, eastern worm snake, scarlet snake and so on.

Georgia has got a total of six snakes that are known to be venomous. These snakes are very easy to avoid. The area has got 41 snake species that are native to the area. The poisonous snakes include the canebrake or timber rattle snake, the southern copperhead, the e astern coral snake, the water moccasin or cotton mouth, the eastern diamondback rattlesnake and the pigmy rattlesnake.

Snakes are real and they thrive in Georgia too. In the winter months, most of the snakes will be in hibernation and that is why you might not encounter them as often. It is therefore very important for all persons and most especially children to be made aware of the existence and danger that is posed by them. They can be encountered very easily in the summer months when it’s hot outdoors.

It is important that you become familiar with the patterns and colors of the different venomous species of snakes so as to be able to determine whether a snake is a danger or not. Apart from coral snake, all venomous snakes are usually identified by the shape of their head which is triangular. It can be very confusing because many of the non-venomous species will flatten heads especially when threatened. The best way to understand the venomous snakes is to know that three of the species have got rates at the tail tip. The coral snake is especially brightly colored. You should be able to identify the different patterns and colors of the coral the cottonmouth and the copperhead snakes. If you are able to know all this and understand what is meant by a rattle, you will be able to know the snakes well when you come face to face with them.

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