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  • USA Wildlife Removal Education Guide - Common Snakes of Georgia

Common Snakes of Georgia

When it’s hot in Georgia, you are much more likely to encounter a snake than in other times of the year. This is because snakes get more active when it’s hot and they will be looking for a shade. Just like humans, snakes dint moving too much especially when it’s hot. When it becomes cooler, they will be more aggressive and active. You may not be able to spot a snake as easily because of camouflage that is provided by the bushes, the leaves and other vegetation. You need to be aware that Georgia has got some different snake species and some of these can actually be venomous. Some of the snakes include:

Eastern diamondback rattlesnake: this is the most dangerous snake that you can encounter in Georgia. It doesn’t have natural enemies meaning that it is at the food chain top. It is most common in southern Georgia although you can encounter the snake in middle Georgia. This is a snake that is very irritable and can defend when it feels threatened. It is venomous.

The cottonmouth or water moccasin: this is a part of the vipers and it is mainly found in south and middle Georgia. It loves the swampy or wet areas and it is aggressive in nature. It is venomous and is active at night. The bites can lead to fatal injuries.

Coral snakes: you are more likely to encounter this venomous snake in southern Georgia. Itis shy and will be slow to bite. Most of the bites occur when humans try to handle it. These snakes are easily recognizable.

Copperhead: this is also a viper and it can be found in all parts of Georgia. Its bite is almost never fatal e especially to adult humans but it is very painful. A bite from this snake is very common and it is active in the evenings.

Timber rattlesnake: this is yet another common snake in Georgia and you may encounter it in the wooded hillsides especially for the males. The females mainly reside in the rocky outcrops. The reputation is a bit laid back but the venom yield is rather high.

Pigmy rattlesnake: this is a small snake but it is still venomous and so the size shouldn’t mislead you.

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