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How to keep snakes out of my garden

There are some snakes that can offer lots of benefits to the garden but one can understand reasons as to why any homeowner may prefer not to have the slithering companions around and to keep them as far away as possible. There is only sure way of keeping the snakes out of the home and garden and that is by taking away all things that may actually invite them to the garden in the first place.

Snakes in your area
The first thing to do is to find out as much as you can regard snakes that live in the area. There are some snakes which are indigenous in some regions and there are some which are dangerous that the others. There are the garter snakes which can prove helpful within the garden and they stay away from humans. However, snakes like the rattle snake are dangerous and it is better not to have them in the home. When you know the kinds of snakes that you may find helps in easing anxieties and you may know how easy it is to handle them and how necessary the action really is.

Snake behavior is almost always the same but there are some which love to hide and the food sources and hiding spots vary from one species to the next. When you know the types of snakes, you can be able to focus efforts that can help.

Keeping them away
Keep your yard and garden free from all kinds of clutter. A cluttered garden is actually an invitation for snakes because if offers them a dark place that is warm where they can be able to hide. There are things like grass piles, firewood, wood chip mulch, straw mulch, compost piles and leaves which offer a place for snakes because they are confortable.

You also need to avoid the tall growing plants. There are some plants and shrubs that are able to give a snake and amazing hiding pale. It is important that you keep the grass well mowed so as to make sure no snake is able to slither within the garden. Packed gardens that have thick shrubs attract the animals. If you have any worries about a snake invasion, you should thin out the pants or remove them entirely. If you still want to keep such plants, you may transplant them to the other side of the yard and away from the house foundation.

You also need to remove the water sources that are at ground level and deal with pest problems.

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