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  • USA Wildlife Removal Education Guide - Common Snakes of Florida

Common Snakes of Florida

Florida is an area that is abundant in snake species. There are around 50 species that are already known to reside in the area. Out of these 50, 6 are venomous leaving 44 species that are non-venomous and totally harmless to humans. However, humans have a great fear of snakes and the sight of any snake is enough to make them run for dear life. Snakes are very beneficial to the environment as they keep the populations of insects, rats, fish, frogs, toads, worms and rats in check. There are yet other snakes that feed on other snakes. This is something that allows the ecosystem to remain in perfect balance.

There are lots of snakes that you may encounter in Florida and they include the venomous and the non-venomous ones.

Some of the most common snakes in Florida include the African rock python, common king snake, black swamp snake, eastern racer, black racer, black pine snake, banded water snake, gulf salt marsh snake, salt marsh snake,, black snake, rat snake, corn snake, ring neck snake, brown chin racer, Brahminy blind snake, carpet python, Burmese python, boa constrictor, blue stripe ribbon snake, blue stripe garter snake, timer rattle snake, southern copperhead, eastern diamond rattlesnake, eastern coral snake dusky pigmy rattle snake, cottonmouth, and the green and yellow anaconda. Some of these species are invasive and didn’t originate in the area.

Snakes can be found in literally any place and sometimes it becomes necessary to call in a professional to get rid of the snake and solve the conflict in question. There are snakes that don’t like being held and so most of the times they will avoid humans at all costs. Never try to handle a Florida snake unless you are certain it is non-venomous or you know how to deal with the situation. If you come across a snake that you aren’t able to identify, it is important to think of your own safety first. Calling in an expert can help in the identification process.

Florida has got 44 snake species that are native to the area and most of these are found on the northern parts of Florida.

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