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  • USA Wildlife Removal Education Guide - What is a snake fence?

What is a snake fence?

Do you have trouble with snakes evading through your property or hiding in your yards and you have tried all ways possible to prevent them from coming into your property, then you need a snake fence.

Though this is mainly a last resort option or method, this is a wide scale effort to prevent any snake totally from obtaining access to a home or property. Taking about fence, below are some of the most shared and familiar types of snake fences;

Common Types of Snake Fence

Steel mesh fencing; these sticks up out of the ground at an angle.

Regular solid fences; of vinyl or wood

Catch net fencing; which can trap snakes together with other animals

Construction or temporary landscaping barriers; of plastic fabric or plastic mesh

Not all snake fence are helpful and useful so the following are some of a few properties that an efficient snake fence should possess:

Unclimbable; either sloped outward or slick surface, maybe at around 30 degrees

Solid or else with a mesh of not more than a quarter inch

Totally surround the perimeter of the property

Be totally flush with the ground, if possible into the field in each area

In as much as fences cannot be the best option, there has never been an easy way of keeping away the snakes as well. Traps don't work; repellants name it. However not in all instances, Yes a professional may work but remember he or she is not in your property or home 24/7.Therefore instead of concreting your property totally and making it completely not inhabitable to snakes, good quality snake fence is one thing that can keep them out forever.

How to build a snake fence

First and foremost, decide on either if you need an expensive, big, solid wall around the whole of your property. If yes then select one and during installation ensure the bottom gets buried into the ground a few inches at least. However if that isn't an option, rather do an ordinary fence install. Dig a ditch at the base of the wall together with tack steel mesh to the bottom of the whole fence, into the ditch and moreover, bury it as well.

Secondly, if you need a less costly alternative, you may as well use construction netting or shifting landscape. What's more, be very sure it is flush with the ground or better still buried into the ground. However, this might be difficult with soft materials.

Apart from that, another cheaper alternative which is also more efficient is digging a ditch around your home and fix a steel mesh fence, slanting outward away from the house. There is no need to make it too high.

All these options require lots of work and efforts, so you have to be prepared and avail all the necessities.

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