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  • USA Wildlife Removal Education Guide - How do snakes eat?

How do snakes eat?

Snakes are dangerous creatures, which are normally known for all the wrong reasons. Not all species of snakes are poisonous, but those which contain venom can kill their victims. Snakes depict wide range of behavioral habits some of which are unique as well. They don’t have any ears, but use other organs for carrying out communications. Young snakes are mostly left on their own for fending as well as feeding themselves. The lifestyle, which is normally followed by snakes shows that snakes are different than many reptiles and you can even see great variety among different species. The eating habits of snakes are not very much popular and generally people don’t have enough knowledge related with them.

Small sized meals are not attractive for snakes so normally they will prefer to feed upon pigs, cats and antelope. In rare incidents we also hear about snakes who swallowed bigger animals sometimes humans. The jaw of mammals is normally built for dealing with force the jaw of snake is rigged with ligaments, tendons and muscles which can exhibit a great level of flexibility. Dislocation is not associated with jaws of snakes. King snake can ingest other different snakes which are either equal or bigger in size. How it is done was a mystery, but now scientists have developed understanding of super sizing trick of reptile to some extent. Let’s discuss some steps that will be helpful in finding answer to question that How do snakes eat?

After constricting and subduing prey the snake starts a transport cycle which can be exhausting with the aim of sending the meal into belly. Known as pterygoid walk the snake opens its jaw for swallowing the prey using highly flexible jaws.

The vertebral column is compressed for swallowing prey into waves similar to concertina, which elongate as well as shorten the body of animal.

Snake forces the vertebral column of prey to bend in waves and get compressed. Even if the meal is bigger than stomach of snake it could be packaged well for ensuring that inside a perfect fit is achieved.

The meal is good enough for keeping the snake full for couple of weeks. Normally 15 days are needed for complete digestion.

Hence snakes normally eat by swallowing their prey and for doing so they follow a strict and complicated mechanism, which is not only time consuming but also exhausting.

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