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  • USA Wildlife Removal Education Guide - What is the Deadliest Snake in the United States?

What is the Deadliest Snake in the United States?

There are four kinds of venomous snakes that live within the USA. They include the water moccasin or the cotton mouth, the copperhead, the coral snake and the rattle snake. On average, the average number of snake bites reported is around 45,000 but 18% of the number is bites from enormous snakes. Some of the deadliest snakes in the United States include:

The Mojave rattlesnake stands as the deadliest amongst the rattle snakes. If antivenin is not administered, a person can actually die from such a bite. Rattlesnakes are naturally aggressive and they may bite a human being even if they are not provoked. The venom of rattlesnakes isn’t so deadly when compared to some other kinds of snakes but it is the volume of the venom that is injected that makes the snakes pretty dangerous. The rattlesnake venom is actually hemotoxic and prevents blood from clotting. It also leads to the destruction of the tissues. Other rattlesnakes closely related to the rattlesnake include the pygmy, rock, timber, sidewinder, western diamondback and eastern diamondback. This snake is well known for the distinctive rattling sound they make with their tails.

Coral snake
When it comes to the power of venom, this is the most dangerous. It is a cousin of the cobra. These are sakes found in the southern sides of the US stretching from Arizona to Florida. These snakes are small and their fangs are undersized. Many of the snakes are not able to penetrate skin and few deaths are actually as a result of deaths from a coral snake bite. Coral snake bite causes paralysis especially to the respiratory system and general weakness. This snake has black, red and yellow bands.

The cottonmouth
This is a snake that si less deadly but it is aggressive. If provoked, this snake will definitely bite. However, rather than bite, the snake may flee. The bite is hemotoxic and can lead to gangrene. The snakes are mostly found in the wetlands to the southeast. They are semi aquatic living in rivers, lakes, ditches and swamps. As a warning, the cottonmouth flashes open mouths which are white and this is what earned them the name.

These are very common on the eastern half of USA and are responsible for around 37% if the venomous bites. Pain is associated with the bites but these are less serious in comparison to other snakes.

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