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  • USA Wildlife Removal Education Guide - How do snakes communicate?

How do snakes communicate?

Snakes are known for getting engaged in a limited number of intraspecific interactions. They have their own methods of communicating with fellows of same species. To be honest snakes physically don’t have any kind of specialized organs for carrying out wide scale communication, because they lack ears and learn about objects or humans approaching by means of vibration sensitive structures. However, it will be totally wrong to say that no particular communication method is present in snakes because in reality these creatures are known for exhibiting different communication forms and majority of these are normally needed for securing, finding as well as defending partners in breeding.

How do snakes communicate? This is an important question and in this section we will provide answers to this one by explaining some methods that are used by snakes for communications.

Vomeronasal System
Snakes are very much capable of understanding chemical cues that are present in their surroundings by means of other senses such as smell and taste and the most important part is that a well-developed vomeronasal system is present in them. The Jacobson’s organs are present in mouth’s roof and it possesses two openings for allowing the bifurcated tongue to enter. By the flip of tongue chemicals are collected from the environment and snake then inserts it into Jacobson’s organs. Using the manner snake determines the direction from which a specific smell is coming.


Pheromones are important chemicals that are used by snakes for the purpose of communication. Majority of pheromones associated with snakes are lipid in nature. Communication is carried out by snakes by collecting, leaving or analyzing pheromones. In this manner snakes can communicate their gender, age and condition of reproduction with other snakes that are present in surrounding.


Some species have males which reflect antagonistic behavior towards each other for communicating their dominance you can often see male snakes engaged in a combat. This is the kind of behavior which is mostly prominent during breeding season. The combating snakes aim to get higher position physically in comparison to opponent. Sometimes during combat snakes can also bite each other, but this doesn’t happen commonly.

Tactile communication

These are movements like twitching, jerking etc. Mostly snakes adopt these movements with aim of eliciting approvals from the female snakes. Sometimes female snakes when receptive wave or lift their tails as a sign.

These are some of the methods of communication which are normally used by snakes.

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