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  • USA Wildlife Removal Education Guide - Do snakes climb trees?

Do snakes climb trees?

When it comes to climbing the tree, the snake will think about the safety first. In place of gripping the trees using enough force in order to keep it against sliding back down, the snake can overcompensate and will grip using too much force and it will exceed what was necessary. People think that the snakes do this in order to choose between having to get up easily or to decrease the chances of falling down.

The snakes may decide to climb the trees so that they may catch the prey or they may escape the predators. How the animals may climb the trees can depend on the physical features and as the snake do not have the limbs, they can use the muscular force in order to climb the trees and this can create the wrapping of the bodies around a trunk of the tree.

Since the snake bodies are thin and long, animals may wrap themselves on the tree trunk in different orientation or from wrapping it evenly around a trunk and bunching most of the body to just one height. The strong grip that needs extra energy can benefit the snake through the decreasing of the chances against the falling. Dangers of the fall are not about physical harm but more about the exposure.

The system used by the snake is called concertina locomotion and it is meant to help in climbing the trees. This is the act to gripe using the parts of the body when pushing or pulling other parts of a body in the general direction of a movement. The ripples of the muscle will travel with the length of the snake while the space may be found in between. The concertina locomotion may be irregular and it may be strenuous. This takes the snake even much longer period to climb the tree compared to the time that it may move in water or in the ground.

The push or pull motion had been made possible by the scales that are ridged or keeled. The snakes are not able to stick on a smooth wall as the lizards or the insects do, they should have something where the keels have to rest on.

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