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  • USA Wildlife Removal Education Guide - Do snakes attract other snakes to your property?

Do snakes attract other snakes?

Snakes sometimes attract other snakes. But sometimes they keep other snakes away. For example, a female might lure in a male that wants to mate. But a kingsnake, which eats other snakes, might keep other snakes at bay. Sometimes snakes seek each other out to share a den. But sometimes they know that competition for resources means they should spread out. So there's no simple answer. It depends on the situation. If you need help, we service the entire USA! Click here for a snake removal specialist in your town!

Do snakes attract other snakes?
The estrogen level in male snakes is bigger than the females. This is why they can attract female snakes better than any other species. Hence, we can conclude that male snakes are the sexiest species that can attract a lot of females.

The effect of estrogen has been identified in studies. The journal of experimental biology explained the phenomenal of a snake attracting other snakes. The chemical, estrogen, is found in various species other than snakes. And even humans and mammals have this, too.

The pheromones study
Pheromones can become a cue that is loaded with various information and details about the sexual live of snakes. It also contains reproduction system which is a good start to study the species itself. They are dependent with the reproduction.

How powerful the mechanism of pheromone has been an experiment in many fields of studies. Male snakes prefer large females because they produce more babies. They also have chemical signature inside their pheromone. Whilst the smaller females may attract but aren’t ready like the large and old ones.

How a snake can detect pheromones
Snakes don’t use nostrils but they use it to breathe. Snakes can detect it by the scent that flick on their tongues. The pheromones in snakes are made of molecules that don’t float. The tongue touches skin so it can detect like a radar. The sensitive organ of a snake lies on the roof of its mouth. It can identify what type of pheromone.

The estrogen in snake
Estrogen is necessary to produce pheromone in females. Garter snakes are reported to be exposed with estrogen hence it produces the pheromones in female sex. Female snakes can inform males what kind of species she is and the gender. The condition allows the males to choose its mating female and increases their chance in reproduction process. The fierce competitions are among the females but once she has mated, she emits various pheromones that is a sign she is not available.

It is fascinating how snakes can attract other snakes in a way that can be studied and it is almost the same with humans. However, the fact that a male snake can calculate may be a brilliant finding how they actually choose qualified female snakes to lay eggs.

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