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  • USA Wildlife Removal Education Guide - What are some ways to kill a skunk in the yard?

What are some ways to kill a skunk in the yard?

Skunks dig holes in yard for making their dens and this is something, which is totally not acceptable for you because a lot of hard work and effort normally goes in making a perfect garden and one simply can’t allow skunks to ruin it within days. For dealing with skunk problem one has to take some effective steps as there are a good number of strategies which can be used in this regard. From trapping to using repellents there are different techniques, which can act as answer to the question that what are some ways to kill a skunk in the yard. In this section, we will be discussing some easy to follow ways that will help you in clearing the yard from skunk activity in a convincing fashion.

  • There are strong chances present that skunks are finding something tasty and attractive in your property and because of this reason they are preferring to visit it again and again. Carefully inspect your yard and eliminate all the elements which are attracting skunks. Chew proof containers should be used for keeping animal feed, pet food and bird seeds. Fallen fruits and veggies are open invitation for skunks so don’t allow these to simply lay there. In case skunks are after grubs, then use insecticides for solving this problem.
  • Skunks like all stay animals are strongly attracted towards garbage cans because they provide a great collection of food to them. Seal the trap can properly and keep these inside chew proof trash containers. Always ensure that lid is secured and never allow the garbage to stay overnight. Smelly waste should never be allowed to stay for longer time period. This will help a lot in keeping the animals away from your yard.
  • Trapping is another technique, which can be used for controlling skunk activity in your yard. It is not very much difficult to catch a skunk using trap, but you will need experience for this. It is best that you should place traps near to the dens or routes which are commonly taken by skunks for moving across the yard. Different kinds of traps are used for catching skunks and you can use one according to the requirements and demands of the situation.
  • Skunk repellents are also advised by some more specifically by the members of pest control industry. However, this method is not effective to a great extent and also it exposes the animal to a painful death.

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