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  • USA Wildlife Removal Education Guide - Where should I relocate a trapped skunk

Where should I relocate a trapped skunk

Skunks are nocturnal creatures and normally they appear from their dens during dusk as they find that time suitable for activity. They don’t prefer to go too far away from their dens and in majority of situations they will never travel more than 4 miles away from the den. Skunks defiantly are not welcome in any kind of property and there are proper reasons behind this. You can take advantage by using different kinds of skunk repellents, but if they continue to introduce more damage, then best option is to relocate the skunks so that your property can be saved. Different kinds of trapping techniques can be used for this purpose and we suggest that you should go with the one, which shows compatibility with your requirements.

After trapping the skunk the best strategy is to transport the animal to a wooded region, which should present at a decent distance from your house so that skunk should never be able to find its way back. Be careful while relocating the animal because it can get aggressive inside the cage. One more important point to mention here is that while designing the trapping and relocating strategy you need to keep the breeding habits of skunks in mind. Normally skunks breed during February or April and their gestation period is of 60 days. Babies are kept in den till they get six weeks old and adults search for food. Never dislocate the mother alone because it will lead children helpless and they will starve to death. Make sure that skunk is alone and if there are kids then mother and children should be relocated together.

Another important aspect related with relocating is the release of skunk from the cage once you have reached the location where skunk is to be released. The animal will definitely be in a state of shock and it will get agitated by seeing you. Therefore you need to be careful because releasing the skunk is another big challenge which you will have to deal with. Try to open the door of the cage in such a manner than skunk should not see you. It is better to relocate the cage containing skunk covered in a blanket this will save you from the spray as well.

In all cases we suggest that if you are not skilled enough to deal with the job, then take professional assistance and guidance.

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