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Will a high pitch sound deterrent machine work against skunks?

Just like the use of mothballs and ammonia, pitch sound devices are also used in deterring skunks from an environment. High sound pitch deterrents are just like other deterrent substances, they will eventually fail to achieve the intended result. High pitch sounds are devices that generate different sounds at high frequencies and wavelengths, thus their intention is to scare away skunks and prevent them from returning to certain areas.

Initially, skunks will be scared when they hear different unusual sounds from high pitch sound devices, however, they will eventually get use to such sounds. High pitch sounds are often recorded and they often include natural predators of skunks, such as Coyotes, and foxes, thus the skunk may think that a predator is nearby and will probably run.

One of the problems with high pitch sound generators is that they rely heavily on electricity or batteries, and eventually batteries will run down or electricity supply may be halted. When battery power fails to power an high pitch sound, the skunk will become too comfortable to move around . The cost of buying and changing batteries itself is enough to persuade home owners not to use this type of scare tactics. It should also be noted that a high pitch sound may constitute noise pollution to neighbours and may also cause confusion for pets. If you have to use a high pitch sound device, then you need to use it within the enclosure of your property.

High pitch sounds cannot work on skunks or a long time, thus it is unreliable. Skunks are quite intelligent, they often wait a while to spot their predators before they eventually run away, and for this reason, sounds alone may not work on them. Even if a skunk becomes scared as a result of the sound of a predator, it may change its course of movement and that may mean , they will cause more damages elsewhere , when their activities are not checked.

There are several alternatives that should be considered in place of high pitch sound , in deterring skunks. The use of exclusion fences that goes several feet below the foundation levels and over 6 feet above the ground, can help prevent skunks from gaining entry into a building. Trapping the animal can also be more effective, especially when a non-lethal trap is used. You need to make structural changes to your home by removing all sources of food for skunks.

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