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What kind of bait to catch a skunk?

What Is The Best Bait To Catch A Skunk? - The most famous aspect of the skunk's physiology is the fact that it is able to spray a foul smelling liquid at anyone that gets too close, but when the skunk is getting too close to human habitation, we need to use a different approach to solve the problem. As a species, skunks have become very good at adapting to the human surroundings in urban and suburban areas, and are almost as good as rats and raccoons at finding food sources. However, when it comes to trapping the animals, there are many different foods that can be used as bait, although it is important to remember the other factors that come into play in successful skunk trapping.

How Much Of The Trapping Process Is Influenced By Good Bait?

Catching a skunk will often require bait in order to be successful, but the reality is that there are factors that are even more important in ensuring that you will successfully trap the animal. Making sure that you have the right kind of trap is one important part of the process, and the most common ways of catching skunks will include either a traditional cage trap that is usually around the right size for a feral cat, while a tube trap can also be very successful. Getting the right location for the trap is also very important, as traps in the wrong place will not be effective however tempting the bait might be, so while it is worth choosing the right bait, do not neglect the other factors in the process.

Different Types Of Bait That Can Be Used

As they are scavengers, skunks will usually depend on their sense of smell when they are trying to find food sources, and this means that it is also usually best to use foods that will have a fairly strong scent to draw the skunk in. This means that fish such as sardines and tuna from a can can be successful, while cat food and even raw chicken entrails can also be successful in drawing the skunk into the trap. Skunks can also be attracted by sweeter treats when they are used as bait, so if you aren't having any luck and the location and type of trap is correct, you can also try to use marshmallows or pieces of bread with peanut butter as bait for the problem skunk.

The Role Of Trap Location

While bait does have a role to play in catching a skunk, the truth is that the location of the trap is probably the most important factor in being able to catch the animal successfully, so consider where you have actually seen the animals. In many situations, raccoons will come into contact with people when they are going beneath an area of decking or a porch, and this will often be a good place to locate the trap. If the skunk isn't nesting in your yard or garden but is coming in to the area through a hole in the fence, you could also simply place the trap over the hole that the skunk is using to come and go, and wait for the skunk to be in the trap.

Placing And Securing The Trap

Skunks are naturally cautious animals, so it is important that the trap is not too obviously a human addition to the scenery, otherwise it may not go into the trap. Make sure that you have washed the trap with warm water to remove any of the human scent on the metal, and then use gloves to place the trap in the right location. Skunks are quite strong animals, so you will want to make sure that the trap is firmly in place so that it cannot be tipped over by the skunk, who will then take the bait without every getting into the trap. This can be done by weighting the trap with a rock or a brick on top of the trap itself, or you can place the trap in a narrow space so that it cannot be tipped at all.

Relocating The Skunk Once It Has Been Caught

The most important thing to remember is that the foul smelling liquid can be sprayed accurately by the skunk over several feet, so make sure you approach the trap with a thick blanket, and try to do so from the blind side of the animal. Once you have got close, throw the blanket over the trap so that the skunk cannot see you, and then you can actually transport the skunk without the threat of being sprayed, scratched or bitten. It is best to relocate the skunk in a rural area well over ten miles away from your property, and once you are ready to release the skunk, remove the blanket carefully, open the trap, and move quickly away.

Go back to the main Skunk Removal page for more information about what type of bait to use to trap a skunk. What kind of food do you put in a skunk trap to catch the animal? What is the best skunk bait?

What is the best bait to trap a skunk? Skunks we all are familiar with these creatures that are famous for their ability of spraying stinky fluid in self-defense. This is a mammal that you will never prefer to keep in your house but problem is that skunk activity is very much apparent in most parts of the world and homeowners have who have their properties invaded by these creatures have to take some necessary steps for avoiding skunk activity. Skunks don’t hesitate in entering a property if it is appearing attractive to them and some of the most common complaints related with their presence are being mentioned below
  • Skunks start to live under sheds or decks which creates a big issue
  • Being spraying animals they are not good at maintaining a decent environment
  • They destroy the yard by digging holes
  • The presence of skunks is always accompanied with odor problems
Trapping skunks is something which can always be useful in solving the problem. But for getting good results even from traps you need decent bait and it should be something that can attract the animal. Skunks are known to be scavengers and because of this reason in urban settings they are regarded as pests, but one point that you can understand from this is that different kinds of baits can also be used for trapping skunks. An important point to mention here is that baiting skunk is something more than selecting the right kind of bait you need to follow a proper technique for baiting. Skunks will eat according to the presented opportunities, but generally it has been noticed that skunks are more attracted towards meat based and oily dishes which include chicken and fish. There is a stronger sense of smell so anything which emits a stronger odor is going to work in a convincing fashion. Some of the best baits are being listed below
  • Canned Sardines
  • Cat food
  • Crisp Bacon
  • Canned Tuna
  • Chicken entrails
  • Fresh larvae of insect
  • Marshmallows
  • Peanut butter coated bread crust
You have to be careful with baits because using these in a proper manner always provides a lot of assistance. Leave a small amount of bait outside the region of the animal’s cage and place remaining inside trap. In case you are doing this for the first time then be careful and call experts for dealing with this job. They can help you in a convincing fashion so you can get the best results.

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