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  • USA Wildlife Removal Education Guide - Which is easier to trap - mice or rats?

Which is easier to trap - mice or rats?

It is hard to determine whether or not mice re harder to trap than rats or either way around. The answer could depend on several factors, like the size of infestation and the characteristics of the home. While some would find it easier to trap mice, other might find it easier to trap rats. It all comes down to the individual infestation in question, as well as the level of knowledge a person has on both of these animal species. First, we are going to look into some factors that might determine which species is going to be easier for a person to trap.

In theory, rats should be harder to trap for several reasons. Rats are a lot more intelligent than mice, and they are capable of surviving a lot better than mice. Rats can survive in the hardest of environments like toilet pipes, and they can also survive for a long period of time in the water. This allows them, for example, to climb out of the person’s toilet, which is a pretty traumatic thing to experience. They are also naturally strong and more enduring, with sharper teeth, claws and immune system than mice. Mice are, on the other hand, a lot more fragile and sensitive to the conditions of their environment. They are a lot easier to drown, and less capable of biting and clawing through hardware materials than rats are, even though there abilities are still quite high. From the perspective of their natural build and strength, rats are a lot more capable and enduring, which tells us that mice should be easier to catch.

There are, however, some factors of environment that determine which species is going to manage better. The better the animal manages to blend in and hide in its environment, the harder it is going to be to trap it. Here rats have a weak spot, because they survive better in clean, spacious environments. If they are forced to enter a smaller home, it will be easier to catch them because they will have less space to hide. It all depends on an individual situation of infestation, the number of animals present in a home, as well as individual residence owner, whose ability to observe the animal and the knowledge of its behavior can significantly determine the difficulty of the situation.

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