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  • USA Wildlife Removal Education Guide - Can rats swim?

Can rats swim?

Rats we all hate to see them in our homes. They are ugly, nasty, carry diseases and most of all damage buildings to a greater extent sometimes causing serious damages. Therefore, it is best that you should be careful and take all the steps for making sure that rats are unable to gain entry in the building. For blocking the entry of rats in your property it is very much important that you should understand their behavior and capabilities otherwise it is never possible to gain the much needed benefit. Rats are known for showing complicated behavior and sometimes they astonish you with their potentials.

Rats and swimming there has been a lot of discussion on this topic as people don’t know that either rats have this potential of swimming present or not. The question is that can rats swim? The fact that rats reach your toilet after crossing sewer pipes is a clear indication that rats possess capability of swimming. Not only this, it has also been found that rats are excellent swimmers loaded with the potential of treading in water for a period of three days also they have the potential of holding their breath for a period of 3 minutes and this has been confirmed even by one of national geographic videos.

Rats have the potential of fitting into tighter spaces and for this credit goes to hinged ribs and the spine which collapses at the time of squeezing. There are even cases reported where rats were successful in getting through holes that were equal to size with a coin of 10 cent. This is another thing which properly explains that in what manner rats successfully fit and pass through the narrow pipes of toilet. This is no secret that rats have sharp claws and this is a strong potential, which provides them the capability of climbing all kinds of surfaces, which include even smoother or vertical ones. They are even capable of swimming in a remarkable position and this allows them to swim in an incredible fashion. One more point rats are flexible to a greater extent so there are all the features present, which are needed to make rats good swimmers.

From the above mentioned points it is clear that why rats are counted in the list of most successful species of world and can travel to any corner of globe. From climbing to swimming rats are doing everything.

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