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Will a strobing light or high pitch sound deterrent machine work on rat?

Some mechanic installations are believed to have the ability to scare and repel pest creatures from homes and estates. Some of these products are strobing lights and sound deterrent machines that sell mostly in stores and on the internet. These come in a variety of prices, shapes, sizes and manufacturers, and all of them promise to keep your home pest-free. They mostly work on the premise that strong lights and noises will scare the rats away. But, are these tools really effective? Will they, indeed, keep the rats out of your home?

Strobing lights are supposed to repel rats from different locations by exposing them and making them feel less safe. Manufacturers recommend that you place these to light up the spots rats choose to hide in, so that the lack of dark and feeling unsafe will drive them away. As they find your home to be an unsafe place, rats are expected to leave, and the light is supposed to keep new rats from entering your home. Sadly, this is not really the truth. Strobing lights are not really effective in keeping rats away from your home. Rats may initially be scared of these intense lights, but they will learn to ignore them over time. Strobing lights may be able to repel rats from your home over a shorter amount of time, but you will find them coming back really soon. Rats are quite intelligent, and they will quickly learn that these lights are not a threat to them. The temptation to look for food will overwhelm any possible fear they might have.

Sound deterrent machines work by emitting sudden strong, loud and high-pitched noises that are supposed to scare rats away from your estate. They are frequently installed in front and back yards, as well as sheds, attics and basements. However, these are no more effective than strobing lights, or any other repellents for that matter. Same as with strobing lights, rats might be repelled for a short amount of time, but they will most certainly come back once they get accustomed to these noises and realise that these are not an actual threat to them.

Most mechanic repellents are, indeed, not effective. The only way to actually protect your home against pests is to maintain it properly.

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