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  • USA Wildlife Removal Education Guide - What are the types of rat snap traps?

What are the types of rat snap traps?

Several lethal products are specifically made to trap and kill rats. They are commonly called snap traps and can be found at your local hardware or farm supply. If you want to use any of the lethal snap traps that are available, look them over to be sure you can safely load and set the trap. The traditional snap trap is the most effective, and least expensive. It is a specific type of trap designed to place in the rat’s walk way. The rat moves to retrieve the bait lying on a wooden board that the spring is attached to, and is killed (or mortally wounded) by a spring loaded bar snapping shut on it. It features an easy release for the body that allows you empty the trap for re-use. The “Jaws” style features serrated edges and slams shut on the rat’s body as it runs across the sensor. It is also made to be re-used.

The claw trap is much like the standard wood snap trap, but is all heavy duty metal with a sturdier bar. The rat steps on a sensor plate and the trap is activated, slamming a heavy metal bar over the rat crushing it. Now that you have chosen which trap you will use, you must decide where to place them, and pick bait to use. Locate the rat’s holes throughout your home. Placing traps around these entrances as well as their frequently travelled routes will be the most effective.

Keep in mind that rats will have multiple exits and entrances to their nests. It is wise to use multiple traps scattered around for best results. Be sure to check traps for bodies frequently. Bait can be as simple as peanut butter, or a scrap piece of fruit. Because rats are not picky eaters, almost anything with a scent will do. While a rat is small enough to throw in the trash, make sure you bag the body, and wash thoroughly after contact to avoid any disease that they might carry.

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