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  • USA Wildlife Removal Education Guide - What to do about a rat on the roof

What to do about a rat on the roof

Visual inspection of the presence of a rat on the roof is the first step to take when you notice its presence. There are several indications that may signal the presence of a rat on the roof, for instance, gnawing sounds or running sounds up and down are indications that a rat has found its way onto the roof. You may also pay attention to these gnawing sounds around the door, wall or windows. Seeing a rat physically on the roof may mean the animal is not the only one, and the presence of rat droppings on the floor, around the window , or close to the door may also mean that rat is present on the roof.

You need to act quickly when you spot a rat on the roof, and the reason being that fleas can transfer plague from rats to humans. Aside this, rats can enter your food storage area and contaminate your food stuffs , thus exposing you to bacteria and parasitic infections. Once the presence of rat has been discovered in your roof, your first step is to get rid of the rat before taking any further step. You need to identify the entry and exit points or holes of the rats and then set a suitable trap close to such places. You may include enticing bait such as meat or fruit close to the trigger of the trap. The bait should be placed close to the trigger of the trap so that the animal does not escape after eating the bait.

If the trap is successful in catching the rat then you need to move closer to inspect the roof. Make sure you protect yourself with a face mask and glove to avoid airborne diseases spread through rat droppings. Inspect the roof for signs of holes that are large enough for rats to enter, then you should clear the mess left by the rat – these are the droppings, furs, and other debris left in the roof. Once the debris has been removed, you need to vacuum the remnants that cannot be removed physically, then disinfect with a recommended liquid.

Once the rat has been trapped and the colony has been eliminated, then you must look out for entry points that must be blocked. You need to check both the inside and outside of the roof, including the attic, door, and window. You can use a sealing substance, brick or change the roof completely to ensure that the rats don’t use the same holes to access the home in the future.

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