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Will repellents get a rat out of the attic?

People who want to keep the rats out of their attic, and avoid trapping and killing them, often consider using repellents. Repellents are supposed to act in a way that will make rats abandon the attic they are trying to inhabit. They are supposed to make the environment less appealing to rats, by emitting sounds and smells that are supposed to bother them and keep them out that way. But, are rat repellents effective? Will they actually keep the rats out of a house?

There is a wide variety of rat repellents, and pest repellents in general, that available. Some of them are sold online and in stores, while other can be made at home as well. Rat repellents include ultrasonic wave repellents, spray repellents, as well as other scented repellents. Repellents sold in stores and online come in the form of spray and scent repellents as well as the repellents that are supposed to use sounds and lights as a way to repel rats from a home. Other repellents, that rely on intense scents that are supposed to irritate rats, are sold online and in stores, and the recipes to make these repellents are available as well. But, are these effective?

First things first, mechanic repellents that can be found in stores are highly ineffective. These use sounds and light to scare and repel rats, and they are supposed to be installed into the attic. Not only that they are expensive, but they will also not give any result. Rats are very intelligent, and they will quickly find their way around these mechanisms. They will also get used to the sounds and lights meant to scare them. Spray and other type of repellents that rely on the strength of scent to repel animals will also not work on rats. The reason for that is, even though rats might initially be repelled by the scent of mothballs and other that people use, they will quickly get accustomed to it. The strength of the irritant is simply not as much as strong as the need of rats to feed is. Sadly, even though the idea of being able to get rid of rats from your attic without having to trap or kill them is appealing, it is not very likely it would work. Instead, you should try and make your home less appealing to rats by removing all the trash and good you were keeping out in the open, as well as lit the attic very well, so that the rats feel like they don’t have a safe hiding place.

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