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  • USA Wildlife Removal Education Guide - What property modifications will keep down rat populations?

What property modifications will keep down rat populations?

Property modifications such as cleaning, fencing, and outside wall /foundation repair are often helpful in keeping rat populations down around your home. If you live in an area, that has a high infestations rate, it is advisable to have a professional do an inspection of your home and grounds to suggest the proper changes you can make to stay rodent free. One simple tactic is to reduce the access of foods both natural and opportune. This means all plant growth they would naturally ingest, as well as access to trash, left out pet food, and feed that is left outside. Garbage should be in sealed cans, pet food and feed in sealed containers, and no leftovers left out.

If you raise fruits or veggies, keep them picked when ripe, and clear up any that fall on the ground. Compost should be kept away from your home in a fenced area. Keeping a cat, or allowing the family dog to play outside regularly can also be a deterrent. Simple tricks like a pet door, self -sealing or automatic house doors, and double paned windows are not only energy efficient, but are an ideal way to keep from leaving any gap that would allow a rats to enter your home. Rats are somewhat clever and extremely determined.

They can fit through even the tiniest holes, as small as ½ inch, because rats can flatten their bodies out into long tubes. It is recommended you check holes that feed wires or pipes in to your home, and seal around them as well. Sewer pipes are another rat highway into your home. Rats are drawn to food, so often toilet drains, garbage disposal drains, and other sewage outlets attract them in to your home. Check with a local plumber to get the proper size pipe installed the proper way to keep them out. Keeping your structure sound , keeping your yard clean, and maintain your home, are the best ways to ensure you can stay rat free!

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