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  • USA Wildlife Removal Education Guide - How to keep rats out of my garden?

How to keep rats out of my garden?

How to keep rats out of my garden? This is a question which is asked by most home owners who want to save their gardens from rats’ invasion. Below we will try to answer this question in a comprehensive manner.

The best approach is to make your garden unattractive for rats and for this one strategy is to go with planting plants belonging to mint family. Rats don’t like the mint’s smell so the presence of mint in your garden will ensure that rats don’t fancy entering in it. In case you don’t have mint plants in the garden and rats are invading then for producing a deterring effect dried mint leaves or oil can also be used. However, you need to be careful.

Another interesting way of repelling rats is to give them the impression that predator is present in your garden. For repelling rats fox urine is considered as the best. Urine can be easily obtained as you can find it at local stores or garden centers. It is being offered in the form of liquid as well as powder and your job is all related with applying it near perimeter of garden. You can also use cotton balls wet in urine and spread these around the region of garden.

Trapping is another strategy which can be used if you want to get rid of rats, but you need to be extremely careful with it. There are different kinds of traps available, but your preference should be to go with the ones which inflict minimum pain and damage to the animal. Snap traps can be considered as the better options if you want to kill rats. As bait dried fruits, bacons or nuts can be used. The rats will move towards trap for bait and this will kill them.

It is all related with making your garden unattractive for the rats because this will help in driving away the rodents for good. Bring reduction in hiding places and the best strategy will be to clean the debris on regular basis. Thin down vegetables and pick up fallen fruits as early as possible don’t allow these to just stay there. You can use bird feeders that are rodent proof also remove the pet food on immediate basis after your pet is finished with eating it.

In case you are in trouble or are facing issues, then call professionals they can help you out by finding the best strategies in this regard.

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