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  • USA Wildlife Removal Education Guide - How to keep rats out of my garbage

How to keep rats out of my garbage

Keeping rats out of your garbage can help you avoid having the animals right inside your house. In most cases, rats can use open garbage to get access to food and then easily move through the foundation and into the attics, garage, decks, patios and then the walls and roof of the house. In order to keep rats out of your garbage, the first thing you need to do is to ensure that the garbage container is always closed.

Rats will always watch out for garbage containers as the first point of call when searching for foods, and shelter. They use their sense of smell, to locate the position of the garbage container and then watch out for holes where they can penetrate through but when they don’t find cracks or holes in the garbage cans, they leave.

In addition to closing the garbage can, you need to ensure that the garbage is emptied on time; this will ensure that rats don’t frequent the place. Do not place garbage containers too close to your home, rats can use garbage cans to get close to the foundation or crawl through walls where they can access the attics or roof. Try as much as possible to avoid leaving open garbage outside, and if there is a dumpster, make sure it is tightly closed. Occasionally you must wash and disinfect your garbage container, this will ensure that rats do not come smelling the container quite often.

Do not place poisoned baits inside a garbage as the death of rats inside the container may cause serious terrible smell which can be hazardous to health and the environment. Do not feed your pet outside, as rats may quickly feed on remnants of such pet food when they can’t gain access to the garbage containers. Try as much as possible to eliminate all garbage heaps from your property, and any gaps or entry points around the home must be sealed immediately.

Though the use of rat repellants such as mothballs can work in repelling rats for a while but the option may become less effective on the long run. You can also set a trap buried inside a garbage in order to get rid of rat, but make sure the trap is not exposed and if possible try and use a bait to get the attention of the animal- this should be done occasionally, especially close to days when the garbage will be emptied.

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