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  • USA Wildlife Removal Education Guide - What can rats climb on?

What can rats climb on?

Rats are most unwanted creatures for different reasons because their presence always gives rise to a variety of complications. Rats are popular for many bad reasons like they transmit a good number of diseases also their feeding habits are termed as destructive worst of all the nesting behavior which is adopted by rats is responsible for the destruction of building inflicting damage worth thousands of dollars. Another major issue related with the infestation is that rats are secretive and nocturnal so when they are present in a low number confirming their presence gets difficult.

Identification of infestation on time is something which can be termed as extremely difficult if you don’t have enough experience present for your support. A very obvious sign related with rat infestation is rat droppings. Normally rats give preference to hide, but you will always see some obvious signs that are always present at the time of rat infestation. Rats gnaw and this is a big problem and normally materials made up of plastic and wood are mostly affected by chewing of rats. Many times the presence of large holes in damaged materials more specifically in walls is an obvious sign. A prominent question here is that can rats climb?

Yes rats are very good climbers and are capable of climbing even surfaces that have scaling textures like bricks, paneling, fences, bricks and walls. In simple words it can be said that a material which rats are capable of digging is the one on which they can easily climb using their claws. In case you are getting indications that rats are climbing interior walls of your house, then keep in mind that they can also come back so take proper steps for limiting their invasion.

Some of the tips which will help in controlling rat activity are being mentioned below
  • The landscaping should be maintained and it has been noticed that normally rodents hide in the region of overgrown grass and chew vegetation and this also enhances chances for house invasion. Seal all the entry points and make sure that nothing attractive is present which can lure the rat.
  • Fire wood should always be stored away from your home or building in this manner no entry points will be available for rats for invading your property.
  • Garbage bins should be sealed in a proper manner. Rats are normally attracted towards garbage cans because they find a good supply of eatables there.

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