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Do rats eat cheese? Do they like it?

Rats are omnivores that will feed on all fresh food they manage to get their claws on. Rats will feed on fruits and vegetables, riding gardens and storages. They will also feed on meat, which is why they will look for meat food remains in the human trash, and they will also feed on animal carcasses. Rats also feed on dairy products as well, and cheese is no exception. There is, however, a myth that rats and mice particularly like chees. For this reason, people believe that they can lure rats and mice with cheese, using it as bait in for the traps. But, do rats eat and like cheese as much they are believed to? To answer this question properly, we are going to go through few important facts about the rat diet first, looking into the issue of whether or not chees should be a part of rat’s regular diet, particularly of the diet of the pet rat.

Rats will feed on cheese, and they will eat the remains of human food that contain chees and other dairy products. However, it is far from saying that chees is the most favorite type of food for a rat. Beyond any doubt, rat’s favorite food is meat. It is not hard to assume why, since meat contains all the nutrients that rats need to keep themselves nourished. Rats will eat and enjoy cheese, like they enjoy other food types, but it’s not they favorite food by any means. The myth that rats particularly like cheese is no more than a myth. According to many, this myth was creating due to the fact that rats frequently chewed on roles of home- made chees kept in storages. But, this has a very reasonable explanation. In this situation, a roll of cheese presents a substantial amount of food for rats that is easy to reach, and they don’t need to fear of being exposed while they feed in storage rooms.

An additional fact to think about is the fact that chees doesn’t provide all the nutrients that rats need on long-term basis, which could be a useful information for all the owners of pet rats looking for information of a proper rat diet.

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