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  • USA Wildlife Removal Education Guide - Do cats keep rats and mice away?

Do cats keep rats and mice away?

If you have a rodent problem, one of the most natural methods in the world for your rodent eradication is to keep cats. IF you have a natural “mouser”, be warned that you will also find it is prone to catch voles, lizards, frogs and birds as well. You might even have a problem if you keep rats, hamsters, or guinea pigs as pets in your home. There is no guarantee that the cat you choose to bring home will have a predilection to catching rodents, but that does not really matter. Whether or not your cat hunts, you will find that the simple scent of your pussy will send mice and rats packing. If you decide to use a cat as pest control, there are some ways to assure that you have a good mouser. Check out each individual cat.

Try to find a cat who displays typical hunting behavior. Cats are born with a natural desire to chase things, but the instinct to hunt must be encouraged by the environment and enabled by the surroundings. This is the best way to develop your cat into a skillful hunter. If looking at kittens, ask the owner of its parent(s) if the mother is a good mouser. Kittens learn to hunt, mostly at night, with their mothers. If they have a good teacher, chances are they will follow suit. If you rescue your pussycat from a shelter, ask the attendants if the cat has shown any signs of hunting. Extreme activity at night, any dead creatures found in the pen in the morning, or a predatory treatment of toys.

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These are all good signs you have a natural born hunter. When choosing a cat that will be good mouser, the breed does not really matter. Neither does size. There are certain types of cats, like Maine Coons, or the standard American Shorthair that typified as good mousers, as if any breed there is a variation in individual behavior.

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If you choose to invite a cat into your home, remember it is a living creature that has now become a contributing member of your family. You have a responsibility to provide for your four-legged friend. Cats need to be cared for, receive attention, and have comfortable surroundings just like any other creature. Welcome your cat into your home with love, and it will work hard to repay you in-kind!

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