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  • USA Wildlife Removal Education Guide - What do wildlife rehabilitators do with raccoons?

What do wildlife rehabilitators do with raccoons?

Wildlife rehabilitators take care of animals such as raccoons and squirrels; especially the young that may not be able to live on their own yet. The wildlife care often receives baby raccoons from people who happen to find them in their home or near their house. Wild animals are not the ones that can be kept as pets in homes. These are also not allowed to be entered in homes, attic, or any place where the human are to move about. This is just because of the threats and dangers which is caused by the wild animal’s presence.

When a baby raccoon is found, it is usually ‘going solo’ meaning that its mother is nowhere to be found, and could probably be dead. People who happen to find them in their territorial need to give it to the animal shelter nearby. The rehabilitators are ready to handle them with care.

Raccoons are usually weighted on their first arrival. This is to provide a measurable progress as they grow to be adults after a few months old. The orphans are nurtured with necessary needs.

The staffs at the rehabilitators are many and each one of them has their own duty. For example, taking note on the raccoon condition when they arrive. Are there any injuries or bruises to be treated? Or is the raccoon sick when it arrives? These are important especially when addressing the nutrient intake for them.

Orphans raccoon need to be in a full care. When they are not with the mothers, they are in trouble because mothers usually lead them. This is why many wildlife rehabilitators provide users to handle wild animals before they hand in to a rehabilitator. Most of all, it is considered illegal to keep baby raccoon or any other wildlife animal as your pet. You do not have the license and the small babies need care from the reliable people.

Another thing to be note is that when raccoon is in rehabilitation, they will be having friends. This will aid in their growth because baby raccoon has to be with the other babies too.

It is necessary for their social skills and leaving it alone at home, as pet, will not helpful for them to be fully grown as a wild animal. It will often feel stress and insecure.

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