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  • USA Wildlife Removal Education Guide - Do more raccoons live in urban areas, or wild areas?

Do more raccoons live in urban areas, or wild areas?

The raccoons’ number has grown up largely in the past since the hunting has reduced but at the same time, the raccoons are living in the suburban habitat and there is no forest where they can live. The raccoons have been able to adapt well into the urban life and they are the common species that may be found in the towns or cities. Ideal habitat of raccoons is in the place that has small timber and vegetable fields where there is water nearby. Raccoon is omnivorous and is able to eat anything they find including soybeans, garden vegetables, berries, small snakes, bird eggs, cherries, walnuts, beetles, worms, corn, grapes, grasshoppers and crayfish. It is normal to find the raccoons raiding the dumps and the garbage cans and there are able to commute to get their foods through storm sewers and to get to the restaurant dumpsters. The raccoons are being killed by the cars in the cities while they eat other animals that have been killed like possums, turtles and snake.

The raccoons turn into the eating machines and they have to put on the fat reserve that will supply the animals with warmth and energy in the winter period. Raccoons may not hibernate but they may lay into the dens for many months in the severe winter and they will not eat anything that time.

The raccoon is normally solitary but sometime some raccoons may use one den especially a male with some few females. When it is not in a breeding season, raccoon can change the holes or the den location every night. The raccoons in the city can carry around the rabies and if the dog had been immunized, you will not be immunized against the rabies and you have to be careful when you are around the rabies. The adult raccoon turn into the fighter if it gets corned. Some dogs may kill the adult raccoon but it can suffer some damage from the claws or teeth of the raccoon. The raccoons are able to swim but they are do not like to do and they are going to enter rarely in the garden pond when they are not able to feel a bottom of a pond with the feet.

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