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Do raccoons use tools?

Raccoons are exceptionally smart animals. They are capable of hunting and killing animals a lot larger than them, and they can also subdue dangerous an poisonous snakes. One of the reasons that raccoons gained the reputation of being exceptionally smart is their ability to use tools. Most people are not really sure if this claim is actually true, and if raccoons actually do use tools to help them manage easier. Raccoon’s unordinary cleverness is often a reason people use to explain how these animals manage to get into their homes, despite numerous safety precautions taken. Raccoons are known for digging the tunnels underneath fences or using treachery to get inside people’s homes. Raccoons are also known for stealing food and people’s belongings, which is why a lot of people are interested to know the true extend of raccoon’s abilities.

Raccoons can use tools to help them do whatever they are doing easier, be it reaching, hunting, killing, grabbing items or making their way into other people’s homes. But, how do raccoons manage to use tools? Raccoons are capable of using tools thanks to the shape of their hands. Raccoons have a similar hand structure to humans and apes, counting five separate fingers on each arm and opposable thumbs. The way in which raccoon’s hands develop during the evolution granted them the ability to use tools. Adding to their clever minds, compared to other animals, raccoons are equipped to do whatever they intend on doing. This makes them successful hunters and very capable of sneaking, hiding and moving, as well as breaking into people’s homes. But, what are the things that raccoons use tools for?

Raccoons use tools to kill their prey. It is well known fact, and it has been very well documented that raccoons us items such as rocks to kill snakes. A raccoon will grab a rock and use it to smash the snake’s head. This way, a raccoon will more easily subdue the animal, without risking to get in touch with its venom or get bitten. Raccoons use tools to dig tunnels, which helps them to get in and out of spaces un noticed. They will grab and use sticks and rocks to remove any obstacles on their way, which will help them manage to overcome these obstacles in a lot faster and easier way.

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