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What are some of the symptoms of a sick raccoon?

The raccoons together with skunk and bats, they are the common animals that carry around the rabies. Even if it is possible that any warm blooded animals may carry around the rabies, these animals have the species that are known to be rabies vector. When a raccoons suffer the rabies, it is going to die in 3 days after the disease become infectious and when a person is bitten by the rabid raccoon, he should be treated with the post exposure treatment.

When you see that there is a raccoon in the yard, you should not panic since it does not mean that it is dangerous or sick. It is something normal for the animals to be active within the day. It may be because they are foraging for longer hours in order to support the young ones or to visit the garden when the dogs are inside instead of the night when they are loose.

The symptoms of a rabid raccoons are staggering gait, the animal which is not aware of the noise and the nearby movement, having erratic wandering, discharge in the mouth or in the eyes, matted or wet hair at the face, making high pitch vocalization or having the self mutilation.

The roundworm is also a problem with the raccoons. It is found in the feces of the animals and it can infect the pets and the humans. The symptoms are coma, loss of vision, lack of coordination, loss of control of the muscle and the tiredness. The prevention is the best thing to do. The raccoons should be kept away of the crawl spaces or attics and the young children and pets have to be supervised in order to avoid getting into contract with the feces of the raccoons.

Leptospirosis is a disease that may infect the raccoons, the opossums and the skunks. The people get it through the contaminated water or soil. You have to avoid having to touch the wild animals. When it is important to get out the raccoons, you have to contact the professional. For the human who got the disease, he will have liver and kidney failure, meningitis, anemia, high fever and muscle and severe head, diarrhea or vomiting.

It is common that a raccoon became active in a daytime but it is not common to see a raccoon that became aggressive to the people. The female can defend the baby but it is not common for the raccoon to chase away the people.

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