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Will The City Or County Animal Services Help Me With A Raccoon Issue?

Do you notice bumping noises in your attic at night? Does something scratch in the walls? Do you see ghostly footprints in your attic dust? If so, who are you going to call? Certainly not the Ghostbusters. And count out county or city animal control, too.

Chances are, you have a raccoon family living in your house. City or county animals services usually only deal with animal problems caused by dogs or cats, not wild animals. It is commercial companies that handle the removal of wildlife in your home.

During the months between March and October, female raccoons look for safe places to give birth to their young, and to her, no place is safer than your attic. It is warm, free from predators, has fluffy insulation for a nice comfy nest and a separate space to use the bathroom. Paradise! Well, for her. Not much for you.

Raccoons are messy, curious animals that love to destroy things. It is in their nature, kind of like when your 4 year-old takes apart the toaster, to see how it works. Raccoons can also carry diseases, such as rabbis or distemper, so if a hairy family has taken up residence, its best to leave them alone or call a professional. Just call one that is humane.

If you leave the family alone, the kits are usually ready to leave the next at 8 to 12 weeks. The mother will not need the safety of the attic anymore and may leave on her own, taking her children with her. If this happens, have someone come in a seal any areas where they might have used as their front door. If you can’t wait because of damage to your wires or ceiling, call in the professional. Trapping these animals on your own could be dangerous and if you only get the mother, the kits will die. No one wants to live with that smell.

If you keep your home in good repair, capping chimneys and checking vents and soffits, you may head off the problem before it begins. You can use light and sound to scare off raccoons, because they are nocturnal or use mothballs or ammonia to keep them away, because they don’t like the smell. Clean up pet food and birdseed, and maybe, you can keep unwanted neighbors from moving in.

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