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  • USA Wildlife Removal Education Guide - What is a raccoon’s natural diet?

What is a raccoon’s natural diet?

Raccoons are omnivorous at the same time opportunist eaters. Their diet will be determined by the environment they are in. The common foods may include the Crayfish, eggs, frogs, rodents, insects, berries, nuts, plants and fruits. When they are in the urban environment, animals can sit through the garbage to get the food, the majority of the diet maybe plant and invertebrate foods.

Raccoons are known to be intriguing creatures and they have mischievous masks with agile hands. It is not easy to avoid seeing the raccoons because their habitat had expanded over a long place. If you do not wish to see them in the home, you should secure the trash cans and to limit the access to the food and this includes in the garden or in the yard.

Before, the raccoons were living in the tropical riverbanks and afterwards, they expanded the habitat and they started to move north and they adapted to different territory that suited these people. As clever critters, they come to know how they can live in the barns so that they may stay warm in the cold northern winters. Since their natural habitat had shrunk, they are able to adapt to different urban living and there is no place which is off limit for them. The raccoons may live in the prairie, marsh, city and other places since they can adapt to any place much easier. Wild animals are not the ones that can be kept as pets in homes.

The home that raccoons choose to live in will depend on its habitat. The raccoons choose to live in a dark but dry or warm area that has the protection against the predators like coyote or dogs. Hollow logs or tree cavities do a good job to be a resting place and this is the same as rocky cavern. However, the urban living does not offer these opportunities but the urban setting can take advantages of the attics, basements, crawl spaces and the drainpipes. When they are in the wild, they do eat the fish, grubs, fruits, eggs, birds, nuts and frogs. When they are on the farm, they are going to eat anything that it is found on the farm such as poultry, orchard fruit and corn. They have distinctive fingers and powers which are useful in the urban settings and they can remove the lids of trashcans.

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