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How To Get Pigeons Out of the Attic

Is It Possible To Get Rid Of Pigeons In The Attic? - Your house attic seems like the perfect place for pigeons to make a nest, as they may find it as an ideal spot for making nests. Getting rid of pigeons in the attic can be quite a daunting task and for several reasons. For instance, they are not so easy to reach if they make their nests in the high corners of the attic. Getting to them to destroy their nest and sending them away can be very difficult and can expose you to their dangerous feces, especially when it’s dried because hazardous spores will become airborne. Another method would be to use some repellants, but you may soon discover that the strong smells which presumably pigeons do not like, will not work in the manner you’re hoping for as the birds will simply come back. Pigeons in the attic can be a major source of nuisance, since they will continuously leave their feces all over the place. If these birds are roosting in your attic or the roof of your home then there are a few things you need to try. First of all, if they’re getting in your home you’ll want to find out how and block the entrance with wire mesh or metal. If they are roosting then barbed wire, shock track or needle strips will often help to keep them from landing and staying. Once you have eradicated the bird then you’ll want to be careful in removing their waste as it can cause respiratory problems if breathed in.

Pigeon Traps Set Up In Attic-Will They Work - Pigeons are one of the few creatures that thrive in an environment filled with people – they like to live in and on our buildings and to have easy access to the constant food supply we provide. Pigeons can gain access to the inside of a building in a number of ways – through missing or lose roof tiles, air or heating vents, broken windows or almost any other crack or gap in the structure. Once pigeons are residents in your attic they are quite difficult to get rid of and will create a huge amount of mess with their nesting habits, droppings, and feathers. Pigeon droppings deface and damage many buildings due to their uric acid content. One way of dealing with this type of infestation is to arrange for a pigeon trap set up in the attic. Removing pigeons by other methods – such as trying to catch them or scare them away – is rarely successful and may be hazardous to your health; certainly any attempt at this kind of removal should only be undertaken whilst wearing protective clothing and masks. One important thing to remember where pigeons are concerned – never, ever feed them! Pigeons are sociable birds that like to live in large flocks – if you start feeding them you will be inundated with birds very quickly. Traps will work to get them out of a structure but it is very rare that you can release them far enough away to not have them return. Because of this you will need to secure the building so they can’t re-enter.

The Safe Removal Of Pigeons From Loft - If pigeons have managed to find their way into your loft or roof space, you will need to take immediate steps to remove them. Pigeons that are trapped in the loft cause a number of problems – in addition to the noise of cooing and flapping wings you can also expect a large amount of mess and health risks from their droppings. The safe removal of pigeons from a loft is not always easy and may require the help of a pest control service who can offer professional trapping using one-way exclusion devices, and/or baiting service. It may be possible to scare the pigeons away or physically catch them and remove them but these options are rarely a complete success. Once you have removed the pigeons from your loft, it is essential to seal any possible entry points using chicken wire, bird netting, or a solid barrier. If the pigeons are, gaining entry through loose or missing roof tiles you must get these repaired as soon as possible. You may also want to pigeon proof the outside of your property with bird netting, spikes or wire systems in order to prevent further infestation and minimize the mess and damage these birds can create.

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