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  • USA Wildlife Removal Education Guide - Should I feed a baby opossum I found?

Should I feed a baby opossum I found?

If you ever find a wandering baby opossum, your might be wondering whether or not it can survive on it's own, or it needs your help to survive. Your can determine this easily, by checking the length of the baby. If the baby is longer than 7 inches, this means that it is old enough to make it on it's own and it doesn’t need your help. If, however, the baby is smaller than 7 inches, it will need your help and care to survive. The best care your can provide the baby with is creating the conditions that are similar to those it had in its mother’s pouch. Your should also look for the nearest animal welfare service, if there is one in your area, and notify them of the baby your have found.

To simulate the conditions that the baby had in the mother’s pouch, place it in a box filled with a soft fabric, and then place a heating source underneath the box. For heating, your can use a heating pad and set it to low, or your can use warm milk bottles. This should be enough to keep the baby warm and comfortable.

When it comes to feeding baby possums, your should definitely offer it some food. Your should offer the baby some milk using a dropper. If the baby is hungry, it will drink it. If it’s not hungry, your shouldn’t try to feed it by force, because it could choke. Even if the baby inhales a single drop of liquid, it could stop her lungs from working and cause it to choke. It is also important to hydrate the baby, and your can use the liquid that is normally used for human babies- Pedialyte. Dilute it with water in the proportion 1:2, and offer it to the baby using a dropper. Once the baby is finished eating, your are going to have to stimulate its bladder and bowels with a gentle massage. If the baby is too small to live on it's own, this is the only way it will be able to discharge. Baby will have the best chances of survival if it gets the care from a trained expert. However, if your follow these instructions carefully, your can significantly increase it's chances of surviving without it's mother.

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