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  • USA Wildlife Removal Education Guide - What equipment is needed to trap an opossum?

What equipment is needed to trap an opossum?

There are a number of ways you can trap opossums. The important thing is to learn to understand the creature’s habits. Once you determined you have a problem, the next step is choosing your method of trap. While there are few products that have been specifically made for opossums, there are things available that work. Any traps used to catch small to medium sized mammals will work fine. If you decide to use one the lethal traps on the market, a traditional snap trap is the most effective. Electrocution traps can be a quick solution, but keep a close watch to clear the pile of dead bodies. If you decide to use live traps, there are many varieties available. A live trap is most often composed of a cage with a door that drops shut when a pressure plate is triggered.

This catches opossums one at a time. Another effective type of trap is an exclusion “funnel”. It features wire rolled in to a funnel shaped entrance that allows the opossum to enter, but not leave. With the funnel, you can catch a bunch of opossums without having to reset each time. When using any type trap, live or lethal, please check the traps often, so that any trapped animals can be dealt with quickly and they do not suffer needlessly. If your opossums are fearless, and used to activity, you might be able to catch them with a net.

If you use this method, have a cage or other holding area nearby to put them in, and plans on where to take them. Now that you have chosen your method of trap, where do you place them? What bait do you use? Once you locate the opossum’s paths through your yard, you can trace them back to the hole that will serve as entrance to its den. Placing traps around these holes is most effective. Remember there can be multiple exits. It might behoove you to set multiple traps at different holes. For opossums, almost anything will serve as bait, but apples and fish seem to be popular. Always remember to wear protective gear when handling any wild animal.

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