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  • USA Wildlife Removal Education Guide - How to find and remove a dead opossum

How to find and remove a dead opossum

Searching for a dead opossum can be as difficult as removing the animal, therefore, you need to start searching as early as possible, once you notice any stink. Here are some of the steps you can take in finding and removing the dead animal;

Search and narrow down your search to the particular area or room where the most concentrated odor is coming from. You may have to search from outside and down to the inside of the room. Check the garden, yard, garage, deck, patio and other eternal area before moving in.

Once the area with the most concentration of the odor has been identified, then think about the structural design of the place- is there a crawling space? is there an attic space above? Try as much as possible to identify where the animal has crawled through and what killed it.

Sniff all around the area, and then move back and forth. Try as much as possible to sniff through the walls and floor. You need to take note that the odor becomes grosser as you move closer to the carcass of the animal. As the odor change and intensify, you must mark the area .

When you eventually locate the area where the dead Opossum is located, then you must have a way to get access to it. If it is a dry wall for instance, you should cut a hole through it, and if the animal died inside the attic or under the house, then you must crawl through it and use a long grabbing stick or metal if you can’t crawl through the space.

Make sure you have gloves in your hand, as well as a container bag for the removal of the dead opossum. If the odor is unbearable, then you may need to cover your face and find a gas mask if possible.

Get the animal inside the bag, and with the aid of a vacuum cleaner, suck up the remaining particles. Mop up the entire area and then spray with disinfectant to kill the foul smell.

Once the cleaning has been completed, you need to find ways to prevent the problem in the future. Look for the Opossum’s entry and exit holes, and repair or block such places. If the place cannot be blocked or repaired immediately, then you should consider setting a trap to capture the animal.

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