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Is an opossum that is active during the daytime sick or rabid?

Knowing that possums are nocturnal marsupials, it may come as a surprise for some to see them out and about during the daytime. Some people get so shocked when they encounter a possum when they least expect it, that they begin to worry about the state of the animal. Particularly if the animal finds its way into your home, it is possible for you’re to worry about this, normally nocturnal animal, wandering across your front yard during the day. After all, most of us would assume that possums sleep during the day. But, is this accurate? To all opossums need to sleep during the day, and is a possum that is awake and active during the day necessarily ill?

To break the first myth, let’s point out that not all opossums need to, necessarily, sleep throughout the whole day and be awake during the night. After all, not even all humans necessarily sleep through the entire night, and most of us have had those nights when we were simply stuck doing something. The same goes for the animals, including possums. Even though nocturnal animals, in theory, sleep during the day and hunt during the night, that doesn’t mean that there can’t be any exceptions. It is completely normal for healthy, nocturnal animals to sometimes be active during the day. This stands for possums, as well. Still, fearing many infectious illnesses, much fear that the possum is going to be active during the day only if it is sick. But, is this true?

Well, the truth is, the myth that possums that are active during the day are necessarily ill is just that... a myth. A possum can be perfectly healthy and still roam around during the day. Just because you have encountered an active possum in the middle of the day, it doesn’t mean it’s sick. However, you should still pay attention to other symptoms of illness in an animal, like strange spots, boldness or sores on their skin, which could indicate that the animal is ill. Now, let’s address rabies, which is one of the diseases people most dread when they meet a wild animal. Despite general belief, possums are not very likely to carry rabies, and they are said to be one of the most rabies-resistant animal species on the planet.

To conclude, if your see an active possum during the day, it doesn’t automatically mean it is sick or rabid. However, this still means that your should be careful around the animal, because it can still get defensive and aggressive, if your cause it to feel threatened.

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