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  • USA Wildlife Removal Education Guide - What kind of damage do opossums cause in an attic or under a house?

What kind of damage do opossums cause in an attic or under a house?

Opossums can cause significant damage to the attic and under the house, and the most prominent damage is the deposition of their waste materials. As wild animals, opossums will require nesting materials when hiding in the attic and under the house, and they can get some of these nesting materials within the attic. Opossums are known to excrete a lot of waste materials, and these can be unsightly inside the attic. The animals are capable of turning the attic to their toilet, and the turds they leave behind can be very large. Opossum waste materials are known to stink a lot, and can even cause diseases.

When in the attic, Opossums can tear up the air duct, especially when the animal has been trapped. Most opossums will use their sharp teeth and claws to tear and break air ducts and every other thing around the material. When the air duct is torn, it will require a replacement immediately. Opossums are known to be great climbers, and they grow large quickly, therefore, they must not be allowed to stay inside attics for too long. Aside from damaging the air ducts, opossums are also known to damage insulators and electric wires around the attic. When insulators are wire cables are damaged through cuts, there is an increased risk of fires accident that can lead to the burning of the entire property.

One of the mistakes people make when trying to remove Opossums from under a house or attic is blocking their exit point. When you block the animal’s exit point, you give it the opportunity to cause more damage. It is far better to allow the animal exit its entry point to the attic before blocking it. Since Opossums are capable of inhabiting the entire attic, the possible way to get rid of them is to set traps because they are known to run into traps readily. When setting traps, make sure you use bait, which could be fruit, nut, or seeds. Opossums caught in lethal traps must be disposed of immediately as heir carcasses are known to deteriorate and stink quickly. Opossums that are trapped alive must also be relocated, some thousands of kilometers away from the trapped position.

Trapped Opossums must not be fed, and if possible, they should be transferred to animal rehabilitation centers where they can be properly integrated into their communities and given medical attention.

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