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  • USA Wildlife Removal Education Guide - What is the best bait to trap a possum?

What is the best bait to trap a possum?

The basic condition to trapping a possum successfully is choosing the right bait. Placing a proper bait in your trap makes all the difference between successfully trapping a possum and failing in your efforts. If you choose the right type of bait, the possum will take it relatively quickly. However, if you choose the bait that is not appealing enough to the possum, chances are that it’s not going to take it, and that all your efforts went to waist. But, how will you choose the right bait for your trap? How will you know the right type of food to use to lure the possum into the trap?

Possums are natural omnivores, which mean that they eat a wide variety of foods. They will hunt different mammals and snails during the winter, spring and summer, which mean that this is the time when they will be looking for meat. During the summer and fall, possums will have an appetite for fruit. However, possums will also eat fish and shellfish. They will eat grains, like peas and beans as well. There is pretty much little food left that a possum will not eat. But, what are the best foods to use for your trap? People who are experienced with hunting and trapping possums say that they need the type of bait that has a strong smell. This means that the food your will set as bait needs to dominate all other smells in the area. These experts recommend baits like fish and apples. You can opt in to use fish during the winter and spring moths, when possums prefer to eat meat, and apples during the summer and fall, when they crave fruit.

Make sure to smear the bait across the inner end of the trap, so that the opossum needs to enter the trap all the way to reach it, before the door closes. If the door starts closing before the animal has entered the trap all the way, it will be able to get out. In the end, whichever bait your choose to set in order to trap the possum, make sure that it smells strongly. You should be able to smell the bait when your stand next to the trap.

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