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  • USA Wildlife Removal Education Guide - What attracts opossums?

What attracts opossums?

The opossum is one of the animals that is unmistakable in north amerce because it is the only marsupial that live there. Opossums were once South America native but today they have become a common sight in North America too. Opossums ate seen as invasive species because they aren’t native to North America.

Opossums are considered as pests because they chew into all things that they can so as to find their meals and they may return everyday so as to feed. They can cause a lot of havoc within the yard and the house. They can also create some unbelievable messes if the yard especially if you do not secure your trash cans. They can also eat your fruits and vegetables that are within your garden and they can also consume any pet food that you may leave unsecured.

They also leave behind droppings that can harm your pets if they eat them. The critters are able to chew through the exterior of houses so as to create their own home within the shed, attic garage and walls of your home. Once they have invaded the home, they can do a lot of damage by chewing through the dry walls and wood and they can also gnaw on the electrical wiring tripping up all the house insulation that you may have in place. These critters can also die within the home and this is another great biohazard that you will have to handle.

It is important to make sure that the opossums do not become a problem within the home at all costs. You need to eliminate all the food sources that may be around. This can be made possible by securing all the garbage cans and leave them in your garage in containers that are airtight.

Make sure that the pet food is always left inside and you need to make sure that all vegetables and fruits are picked from the ground and disposed properly. Taking away all the food sources is one sure way of guaranteeing that they leave your property alone. You can also build a fence all around the yard, the house or the garden. A picket fence or a wire mesh kind of fence can do wonders. Just be sure to bury some part of the fence about a foot below the ground and make sure it extends some feet up.

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