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  • USA Wildlife Removal Education Guide - How to get opossums out of your attic

How to get opossums out of your attic

The opossum is a solitary and nomadic animal that looks for opportunities at every turn. This crafty marsupial can sniff out any food source, and is an excellent scavenger. It eats bugs, ticks, out of your garbage cans, eggs, left over pet food, and compost piles. Its omnivorous nature makes it less than meticulous when it comes to a meal. Moreover, it can always find grub living near humans. Once it finds a plentiful source of food and water, and adequate shelter, it will consider staying for a while, usually to raise its joeys. They are especially fond of your attic. Opossums are very dirty, dropping waste constantly, and leaving food debris wherever they go. Because they are the size of a cat, they piles are large as well.

An attic that becomes home to an opossum is quickly wet with urine, covered with feces and debris, and the smell is horrid. Although it is preferable to keep opossums out of your home to start with, it is not always possible to do so. How can you rid yourself of this unwanted guest? Start with the most obvious solution. Eliminate easy sources of food and water. Make sure your garbage is in sealed containers. Pick up uneaten pet food and animal feed. Leaving leftover food and open garbage is an invitation to a number of wild animals. Seal up cracks and holes in your home as best you can.

Opossum are opportunists. They do not go to a lot of trouble to find or keep a home, unless raising young. Sometimes bright light and noise, combines with the disappearance of easy food will make the opossum leave. If she does have babies, and is harder to coax, you can try commercial repellents, like big cat urine, ammonia based substances and other chemical solutions to drive her off. You can set live traps or exclusion funnels, and has the happy family relocated. Poisons are an option, but not a good one. Animals rarely die quickly, suffer terribly, and can end up in walls or under large object where they die, stink, and attract bugs. Your best bet is to contact an animal control specialist who will know how to remove the opossum(s), and what to do with it. They can also advise you in the necessary repairs needed to clear the damage and prevent re-infestation.

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