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Information About Baby Opossums

When the possum has babies, your first thought might be “Awww!” much in the same way that you would coo over other babies of wild animals. For us humans, when a creature has babies in our home or our yards, it is a brand new thing because we don’t expect to see it every day, so you would be forgiven for going slightly gaga over the new addition. Now the “coo-ing” and “aww-ing” is firmly out of the way, it’s time to get back to a hard dose of reality. This opossum baby may be cute, but it is going to be a real pain in the backside for you if you don’t have the situation rectified.

Opossum baby information - Once the little cuties have been born, they will crawl into a pouch that the mother has on her front, much in the same way as a kangaroo, (hence the marsupial name) and stay there until it has been weaned, which can take around two months, sometimes a little more, sometimes a little less. During this time, the mother opossum is going to have a serious attitude problem with you, should you dare to go near her or her babies. As a general rule, the mother will have around 15-20 little baby opossums, but you will, of course, expect some of these to die from natural causes.

Sometimes, it has been noted, that the babies will stay in the place that they were born into for a couple of months – until the weaning process has been completed. However, there have been many cases of the babies staying here until they reach sexual maturity, which is usually around a year old. This means, if the critters have been born into your attic, you are going to be in for a rough ride!

Baby possum noises - So, what kind of noises do these cuties make? When they are angry, they will hiss, much in the same way as their mothers and fathers, but often with a much quieter sound, obviously. The possum sounds that you are likely to hear if the babies are in your home, is a sneezing sound, often compared to a “choo choo” noises – this will be the babies calling to their mother.

Of course, as well as the noise and hassle, you will have problems with things such as attracting other animals and rodents, as well as the poop and pee, which in some cases, can carry disease and prove to be very dangerous for the rest of your household.

Baby possum for sale - now, for a limited time! Only $4.99 each! Just kidding, sale of these animals is not legal.

How to catch a baby opossum - What is worse than finding a baby animal without its mother? Surely nothing else could tug on your heart strings more! This is often the case, however, with the opossum – many people find a lonely looking baby opossum in their attic or other places of their home, and for the most part, they wouldn’t really have a clue what to do about it. After all, it’s not the same as catching the mother or father, right?

The good news is that if the baby opossum is more than seven inches in length, it is about ready to flee the nest anyway. This means that you have two options – you can either leave it there and let it leave by itself, which usually, they do. Alternatively, you can catch the critter much in the same way as you would catch its mother or father.

The thing that you must remember is that although this opossum may seem lonely and orphaned, it probably isn’t and the one of the biggest giveaways will be the noise that they make to call their mother, which you should definitely listen out for to determine whether or not there are more of them. The noise will be similar to a sneeze, almost sounding like a “choo choo” and once you have heard this, you will usually hear the call of the mother right back. If you have a family of baby opossums, your best bet is to call the local wildlife guys.

It might seem like a good idea to keep these critters as your own pet once you have found them, but in reality, you are probably going to end up doing them much more harm than good, especially in the long term. The opossum has a rather specific diet, especially when it comes to calcium intake, and getting this wrong could lead to a very poorly opossum, and in some cases, even death.

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